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Free Diagnostics

We have never charged for basic diagnostics, consultations or quotes. Simply stop in our give us a call.

Computer-Repair-Medford-Oregon-UpperCASE-Computer-Solutions-Laptop-Repair-Icon1 Laptop Repair

Our skilled technicians offer a wide verity of laptop repair options. All laptop repairs are serviced by a trained technician in-shop and never outsourced or shipped to another facility. 

Computer-Repair-Medford-Oregon-UpperCASE-Computer-Solutions-Desktop-Repair-Icon2 Desktop Repair

Getting a desktop repaired locally can be tricky at times. We stock a large number of hard to find desktop repair parts and offer qualified technicians to assist with any repair or upgrade.

Computer-Repair-Medford-Oregon-UpperCASE-Computer-Solutions-On-Site-Repair-Icon1 On-Site Service

There is no need to bring your computer in. We have technicians that come directly to you. We service Medford and all the surrounding areas with on-time professional technical support.

Computer-Repair-Medford-Oregon-UpperCASE-Computer-Solutions-Apple-Repair-Icon1 Apple (Mac) Repair

Our Apple technicians can assist in practically any repair situation that may arise with your Apple computer. We offer the same great in-shop service to all our Apple users. 

Computer-Repair-Medford-Oregon-UpperCASE-Computer-Solutions-Network-Repair-Icon1 Network Support

Our network technicians are qualified to work in most environments and solve complicated network related problems correctly and the first time. 

Computer-Repair-Medford-Oregon-UpperCASE-Computer-Solutions-Virus-Removal-Icon1 Virus Removal

We have years of experience in removing some of the worst infections. Our technicians use many advanced tools and methods to stay one step ahead to provide a lasting solution. 

Computer-Repair-Medford-Oregon-UpperCASE-Computer-Solutions-Printer-Repair-Icon1 Printer Assistance

Our qualified printer technicians can help get your printer, plotter, fax or scanner running correctly. We work with all the major printer manufacturers and types.

Computer-Repair-Medford-Oregon-UpperCASE-Computer-Solutions-Internet-Repair-Icon1 Internet Repair

We understand getting back online quickly is important. Our on-site technicians come to you. We are fully equipped to solve your issues and get you connected quickly. 

About UpperCASE Computer Solutions

UpperCASE Computer Solutions was founded in Medford, Oregon in the spring of 2009. The company was founded with the vision to bring quality, affordable computer repair to the residents and businesses of the Rogue Valley. With this vision in mind, UpperCASE expanded rapidly. What once started as a small, one-man business quickly grew into the number one rated computer repair store in Southern Oregon. In the fall of 2013 UpperCASE relocated to its current location on 409 N Riverside Ave and to this day continues to provide the quality services envisioned in its inception.

UpperCASE’s place of business is not the only thing to expand in recent years. The company continues to increase the support and services offered to households and businesses in the Rogue Valley. Services range anywhere from desktop or laptop repair, virus removal, business support, to cloud or local backup services and much more. Additionally, trained technicians are available for business and resident support on-site as needed. UpperCASE technicians are highly encouraged and trained to keep up on the newest trends and changes in the tech field ensuring that they are never left fixing your problems with yesterday's tools.

UpperCASE is proudly powered by BusyBench a platform our customers can trust as a secure and reliable shop management platform. If your a small to mid-sized IT business looking for computer repair shop software we strongly recommend BusyBench to help manage your company.

If you are looking for a quality, affordable computer repair service in the Rogue Valley don’t wait, give UpperCASE technicians a call to see what they can do for you.